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High Five Poker is a casino table game initially developed and marketed by SHFL amusement. The purpose is to have a better five card poker hand than the dealer. Should you ever played with Pai Gow Poker you will find some similarities in that it uses a 53-card deck, where the 53rd card is a Joker. This lone semi-wild card may be used to complete a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush; differently it may be used as an Ace. 

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High Five Poker tables are currently at The Brass Ass (real name) Casino in Cripple Creek, CO, which also offers a progressive version.

The table has seats for up to six players. The dealer will then deal seven cards face down in a clockwise manner to every player, and seven to him or herself. Each player then examines his or her cards and makes one of the following decisions:

– Fold, forfeiting the Ante bet.

– Discard two cards while keeping the best five card poker hand and make a Play bet equal to the Ante bet.

The dealer then reveals the home cards to create the best five card poker hands. The dealer qualifies if he or she has at least a pair of sixes or against a participant that has a straight.

By way of example, if the trader has a set of deuces and participant number 1 has a straight, and player number 2 has a pair of three’s, the dealer qualifies against player 1 but not against participant number 2. Therefore, what happens to the payouts when the dealer does or does not qualify?

– If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante bet pays even money, and the Play bet pushes.

– If the dealer qualifies and defeats the player, the player’s Ante and Play bets lose.

– If the dealer qualifies and is crushed by the player, the player’s Ante and Play bets pay even money.

The trader works invisibly when determining the results of all of the remaining players’ wagers. The house edge is about 3.6%.

The Trips side Bet pays to get a participant hand with Three of a Kind or better, no matter if the player wins or loses the hand, according to the following table:

Three of a Kind pays 1/1

Straight pays 2/1

Flush pays 4/1

Full House pays 7/1

Full House (Aces Full) 20/1

Four of a Kind pays 40/1

Straight Flush pays 50/1

Royal Flush pays 100/1

Five Aces (Four Aces w/Joker) 200/1

Pay tables may vary slightly between authorities.


The plan for this game is quite basic in the dealer does not qualify if he or she has less than a pair of sixes, then you should fold with less than a set of sixes. Otherwise make a play bet.

The game is relatively easy to play.

Good Luck!

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